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To the latest news from the ATO:

Small Business news-

Do you want to pay your tax or activity statements early? – ATO now accepts early payments for these accounts. If you qualify for interest on these payments the amount will be included in your next tax return. bennettstax & bas service can provide you with a payment slip with unique banking and account details from the ATO – shoot me an email and I will organise this for you

Beware Tax related scams
I have had a few clients who received phone calls and or messages left on their answering machines from people claiming to be from the tax office and using aggressive tactics claiming there is an overdue tax debt. Most of the time, the victim doesn’t even have a tax debt. Don’t be fooled! If you have a tax debt you and I as your accountant / tax agent would know about it.

You should always independently verify the source before taking any action

Remember the ATO will never send you and email requesting you confirm or update confidential information by clicking on a link within the email. If you have received ‘strange’ email from ATO or even unexpected email from ATO, to confirm if it is legitimate forward the email to:

If you are still unsure contact bennetts tax & bas service for clarification – 0421 074 952 OR

Smartphone Apps – The wonders of modern technology for tracking expenses and mileage

There are several apps available to help you keep track of claimable deductions and expenses throughout the financial year

These nifty apps will keep a record of your work related expenses. Simply take a pic of your receipt, the app turns it into information that can be downloaded to a spreadsheet AND sent to your accountant to be used for your next income tax return! No more stressing at tax time that you cant find receipts for expenses!

The app can also be used with a gps function to keep track of your mileage.

Bennetts Christmas / New Year trading fa la la la la la la

The office will be closed from 22 December thru to 4 January however – as always I am contactable by phone during this period for emergencies or time critical advice. Emails will be checked also.

xmas pic

& have a safe and Happy New Year!

from bennetts tax & bas service


James Allen once said:

‘For true success ask yourself these four questions:

Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?’

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