February 2021

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  • 2021– A fresh start
  • Road test – I-Phone app to scan PDF
  • Social Media

2021 has arrived –

With a bright shiny new year and after a break I took the time to re-asses and re-evaluate our business.

Some things have already been put in place for example your secure document portal where you can store and authorise documents for lodgement- saves the problem of printing, signing, scanning and emailing documents back to be lodged.

We also have an online appointment booking facility, so you can make a time for a ‘quick’ phone call query ie half hr, zoom or face to face meeting.

So far, feedback on these changes has been pleasingly positive

Another area of evaluation was our current fee structure. It is my vision and ethos that tax and accounting services should be affordable for everyone, we have not had a rate increase for 5 years. However increasing costs and compliance requirements have forced me to review this.  As a result, some business-related fees have to increase. Individual fees for a tax return and 1 or 2 rental property etc remain unchanged.

Those affected will be advised by mail of any changes.

Road test – I-Phone to scan PDF

I-phone users- did you know that you can scan a document to PDF format with your phone?

Open the notes function- Start a new note- click the camera icon, select ‘Scan documents -take a pic of the document you want to convert to PDF for emailing and then click save. Once saved you can then select send a copy – then forward via email -easy!

Very handy for those that don’t have a scanner but need to send signed PDF documents

Social Media

Some of you may have already noticed bennetts tax & bas service now has an Instagram and a Facebook page. Please show your support by ‘liking / following’ / commenting on our page. Typically, social media is being used for reminders or topics of interest – where Newsletter such as this will cover more topics more and be sent on an ‘as needed’ basis.

So follow us on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bennetts_tax

And Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bennettstax.com.au

See you there!





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