February 2016 –


  • Does your business or enterprise have a facebook page?
  • Business Owners – Cash flow solution!
  • Another Smartphone App
  • Reminder Claiming Deductions – phone & internet

Facebook – does your business have a facebook page?

In case you did not already know bennetts tax & bas service has a facebook page. Here we post information on the fly. We also use facebook to support clients and their business by spreading the ‘likes’ around.

If you have a facebook account, come and ‘like’ us:


Business operators – A Cash flow solution

In order to assist businesses with managing cashflow, forecasting and budgeting, bennetts tax & bas service is considering offering a monthly direct debit service to BAS clients. Rather than receiving an invoice quarterly for your BAS processing and other activities, we can use historical information and calculate your average monthly expenditure and set up a direct debit payment with your bank.

This will allow better cash management for you and your business.

If you are interested in this as a payment option – please send me an email for further information to admin@bennettstax.com.au

Another Smartphone App-

Another app I am trialling is one that will take a picture of a document and turn into pdf format. From there you can save and send the document from your phone. This is really handy for people who find it difficult to use their scanners or their scanner has broken down. It is particularly useful when you are in a hurry and on the run.

Try Genius Scan for a good freebie version.

Reminder Claiming Deductions – phone & internet

The end of financial year is only 5 months away, time is running out to record your 4 week diary for telephone/mobile/internet usage. Remember to keep your bills and we can then work out a percentage to claim against your income as an employee.

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